For years, the TrackMaster® line of racing products have helped Harness Racing fans find a faster, better way to handicap. Our unparalleled data and ease of use has allowed our customers to win more money more often.

Over these same years, we received countless requests from people for TrackMaster® to come up with a way to help interpret the data. So, after much work and investment on our part, we came up with the solution.

With the help of racing fans and experts, we searched the Harness racing world in an effort to provide you with a team of excellent handicappers and their interpretation of the TrackMaster® data. Thus, the Winner's Circle was created, bringing you the highest quality selections and analysis of Harness races at affordable prices.

These reports are perfect if you want selections and analysis to supplement your own handicapping, are too busy to handicap, or are getting simulcasts on unfamiliar tracks. The reports are available for free the day after the races so you can see for yourself how they did.

The Winner's Circle covers Harness racing at nearly every track in North America. A brief bio on each handicapper follows along with the circuits they cover.

The Chatsworth Consortium


Even though the name may sound odd, The Chatsworth Consortium are just a bunch of regular guys who love harness racing and bring a lot of experience handicapping and winning to the table. They typically provide the best three value bets in the race, with supporting commentary.

TrackMaster Greg

CIRCUITS: Various The goal in producing TrackMaster Greg reports is to provide the most valuable harness racing rankings around. The reports are presented in an easy-to-use, fun-to-read format. Each sheet contains one entire race card. For each race you will see program number, that all important post-position, the horse's name, morning line odds, driver's name and most importantly the point total ranking.


CIRCUITS: Various CompuBet is intended to promote harness racing by providing bettors with an accurate and reliable information product which will enable them to have a realistic shot at making a profit at the racetrack or simulcast parlor. In addition, the "big bettor" or serious horse player can rely on COMPUBET to highlight the most reliable betting opportunities from litterally hundreds of races each week; something even the most astute handicapper cannot do.

See CompuBet's basic features, click here.


CIRCUITS: Various You should use the PowerPicks reports as a scratch pad to highlight your conclusions about each horse in a race. The horses are listed in order based on the overall points awarded each contender during the handicapping process. Individual criteria such as jockey, trainers and running times for each horse are displayed on the report with a numeric prefix indicating their ranking compared to other contenders in the race. The primary purpose of using the report is assist you in developing a "feel" for how the race will be run and to separate the contenders from the pretenders.

See PowerPicks' basic report explanation, click here.