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Daily Racing Form Editions

What are Daily Racing Form Editions? Daily Racing Form Editions include past performances with last 10 races and Beyer speed figures, graded entries, a list of the track records for every distance run at the selected track, detailed race analysis, and handicapper selections. Most Editions will also include analysis and selections, provided this information is supplied by Daily Racing Form.

Trouble with downloading the Daily Racing Form Editions? Ensure that there is a check mark beside each track that you're purchasing before pressing the "build edition" button. Each Edition purchase must be for a single date only. Ensure that your browser version is the latest available and that it is Java-enabled. Ensure that your browser is set to refresh every time you visit a page. If you are still encountering difficulties, please e-mail us at

Downloading Problems

Problems with downloads are normally a problem either with the initial download of the Adobe Acrobat program or with configuration problems between Adobe Acrobat and the individual computer. Troubleshooting should begin with ensuring that Adobe Acrobat is correctly installed. You can test to see if Adobe Acrobat is working properly by viewing our sample program. If you could not view the sample program you will need to reinstall Adobe Acrobat. Please visit to re-download the program. Follow all Adobe instructions on the download process. Then try downloading the Equibase product again. If you are still encountering difficulty, try right-clicking on the download hyperlink and save the file to your computer (remember where you saved it!). Then, from your computer desktop, open the Adobe Acrobat program and open the file that is saved on your computer. If at this time you are still encountering difficulty, please check the Adobe Acrobat for system requirements here. If you are still encountering difficulty, please contact us at

TVG Race Programs

What is a TVG Race Program? Click here.

Are Race Programs available after the race day? No, the Race Programs are not archived and are not available after that day's racing.

Race Programs (early) are available shortly after the track's draw schedule (generally 48-72 hrs before the first race of the day). Race Programs (final) are generally available shortly after the track's scratch schedule (generally 24-48 hrs before the first race of the day). Most tracks which scratch off the program will send their final file in 24 hrs before the first race of the day.

What is the difference between an early program and a final program? Race Programs that are labeled as (early) will include all past performance information EXCEPT: Program Numbers (wagering numbers), Post Positions, Morning Line Odds and some Jockey Assignments. Race Programs labeled as (final) include program numbers, post positions, morning line odds and jockeys.

Do I have to puchase both editions? No. If you buy a Race Program marked (early) you can return after the track sends in it's final file and re-download the Race Program once it is final. You will not need to re-purchase this Race Program. Your Race Program will remain available until it's expiration date (72 hrs after race date).

Problems Printing

If your product displays on your screen correctly but does not print correctly this is normally a problem with your Adobe Acrobat Reader installation. Some of our products such as the TVG Race Program require the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to properly print and view the product. To upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here and follow the directions on that page.

Price Information

What do products cost?
A la Carte Price Subscription Price
TVG Race Programs $1.50
(per card)
SpeedGraph™$1 (per card)
ClassGraph™$1 (per card)
Expert Selections varies by product N/A
Daily Racing Form Editions varies by edition N/A

ClassGraph™ and SpeedGraph™ Products

What are ClassGraph™ and SpeedGraph™ Products? Official Equibase® SpeedGraph™ and ClassGraph™ products offer added value to the Official Equibase® Race Program by visually providing a whole new way to analyze Official Equibase® Speed, Pace and Class figures. These graphically-oriented products contain past performances, and are aimed at presenting information in an easy-to-understand format that will make you wager with more confidence.

Expert Selections

What is a Expert Selection? Expert Selections are a product of TrackMaster®. TrackMaster®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equibase, is a leading provider of electronic data to horse racing handicappers of every skill level. TrackMaster® products utilize Official Equibase® Speed, Pace and Class figures which can be seen in racetrack programs nationwide. The selections are developed on behalf of Winner's Circle by professional handicappers, who are bringing the highest quality selections and analysis of races to you at an affordable price. These handicappers are experienced in the area of the country they handicap, enabling them to maintain consistent standards of effective and profitable handicapping. The information contained within each selection product varies, but most include the top three selections for each race on the card from tracks currently conducting a live meeting, plus some narrative on how they anticipate each race to unfold. How much do the selections cost? Selection prices vary. You can find out more about the selections by visiting here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

What is Acrobat Reader? Acrobat Reader is the most widely used software program for displaying printable pages on the internet. Created by Adobe, the Acrobat Reader is available free of charge here. Acrobat Reader is designed for products which will be printed and maintains a consistent look to the printed page regardless of the type of printer used by the individual person. Where can I find Adobe Acrobat? You can get it free here. Why can't I get Adobe Acrobat to work? This is a question best answered by Adobe. They created the program and therefore, know best how the program interacts with different computer platforms. I have WebTV. Will Adobe Acrobat work on WebTV? No. At this time, WebTV does not support Adobe Acrobat. For questions, please contact your WebTV supplier. I can't download the Adobe Acrobat program! Again, you should contact Adobe for the best customer service on this issue. I downloaded the Acrobat program but I'm still having trouble with the Equibase download! Occasionally customers who have a properly functioning Adobe Acrobat program will still have difficulty downloading Equibase products. This is often due to slow download speed. If you continue to attempt to download the product and get a percentage of the download complete before the download ends, a slow connection is to be suspected. Please contact your ISP for suggestions on getting a faster connection (often trying at an off-peak time will help). Often, right-clicking on the "download" hyperlink and saving the product on your computer, then opening Adobe Acrobat and opening the product with the program can alleviate some problems.

Availability of information

Early entry information is normally available 72 to 48 hours before the post time for the first race, depending on the track's draw schedule. Final entry information are normally available from 48 to 24 hours before the first post time depending on the track's schedule.

Log in trouble

If you input your customer id and password and get the message that your login was successful but are continuously returned to the login page, your browser is not accepting cookies. Your browser must accept cookies to access any restricted part of the site. For assistance in making changes to your cookie/security settings we recommend contacting your internet service provider. If you input your customer id and password and get the message that your id or password is incorrect make sure you are using the correct id and password. Remember that only your TVG Wagering Account or your TVG Handicapper's Store logon id and password will be accepted. Logon ids for Virtual Stable, the Daily Racing Form, Equineline or BRIS will not work. If you believe you have typed in the correct logon id and password but continue to have trouble, please email us at

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