TrackMaster® FlashNet

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TrackMaster® FlashNet gives you the Equibase® Speed and Pace Figure, plus the Equibase Class Rating and the TrackMaster® Power Rating for each horse in the race, compares wins to starts ratios for each horse, analyzes the win/show/place percentages for the trainer/jockey combination, compares key sire performance statistics and more. FlashNet is the quick way to compare all the important figures you need at a glance.

This product will require the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher. If you do not have the Reader or have an older version, you may download this program free by clicking here.

Features include:
Top Contenders
three best horses in four key categories isolated in each race.
Summary of Recent Races
key information from the last three races.
TrackMaster Power Rating
an indicator of a horse's potential profitability.
Program Information
post, program number, morning line odds & wagers.
Trainer Records
key statistics in various different categories.
Equibase® Class Figure
a way of judging the class of today's race to see if a horse fits.
Equibase® Speed Figure
how fast a horse has been running in its recent races.
Pace Style
average running position of a horse at different points of call.
Jockey and Trainer Records
how the jockey and trainer perform together
Sire Performance
key statistics in various different categories.