TrackMaster® Performance Cycles Lite

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TrackMaster® Performance Cycles Lite is designed as a quick reference tool that provides insights regarding how well a horse should perform today. Virtually all Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse races are covered. Some of the unique data points found in TrackMaster® Performance Cycles Lite are highlighted below.

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Performance Ratings: The Performance Ratings are calculated using a complex algorithm, which incorporates final time, pace and class to rate a horse's past efforts. The lower the rating the better, so the best rating a horse can earn is a zero while the worst possible rating is a 50. Races where ratings can't be determined will be marked with an X.

Performance Rating Par: This number is a gauge as to the Performance Rating that will probably need to be garnered to win today's race. The number is normally based on the efforts of today's field over the last six months. In races with lightly raced horses or many first time starters, the number is based on races of today's type and class at today's track over the last two years.

Composite Ratings: Each horse's Composite Ratings (total of four) can be found in the report. The ratings are as follows:

Projected Performance Rating (Proj PR): This is the expected rating the horse will produce today. A complex algorithm is used to determine this number. Performance Cycle Patterns, Composite Ratings, today's pace scenario, ratings consistency and positive jockey influence are all factored into this highly effective rating. An up arrow symbol will appear after this rating if there is room for improvement. A down arrow suggests a possible downside. A question mark signifies a particularly uncertain rating, such as the horse being idle for more than six months, not running in a race at today's distance/surface in the last twelve months, etc.

LAST PERFORMANCE RATING (Last PR): The latest Performance Rating a horse has earned.

BEST PERFORMANCE RATING (Best PR): The best Performance Rating earned at today's distance and surface on the twelve-month graph.

GOOD PERFORMANCE RATING (Good PR): The average of a horse's two most recent good races. (A good race must have occurred in the last six months to qualify. If only one race qualifies, the rating of that race is used.)

A good race for Thoroughbreds is a race in which a horse has an official finish of first, second, or third, or otherwise a finish within two lengths of the winner in a sprint, or in routes, a finish within three lengths of the winner. For Quarter Horse races, a race in which a horse has an official finish of first, second, or third, or otherwise in races less than or equal to 440 yards, a finish within one length of the winner, or in races longer than 440 yards, a finish within two lengths of the winner.

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