Official TVG Basic PP Programs (formerly called the TVG Race Program) are your On-Track Programs available on your computer. The Official TVG Basic PP Program offers past performance data in an easy-to-read format for newcomers and seasoned track-goers alike.

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How to use the Equibase® Speed and Pace Figures
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This product will require the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher. If you do not have the Reader or have an older version, you may download this program free by clicking here.

The Equibase® Speed Figure tells you how fast a horse has been running in its past races with a single number. Its sophisticated algorithms are based on the horse's actual time in combination with other factors, such as the condition of the track. A horse running in stakes company might earn a 110 , while a horse running in a claiming race might earn an 80. The Equibase® Speed Figure has been equalized for different tracks, distances and conditions, therefore a 100 at Laurel Race Course is the same as a 100 at Philadelphia Park.

Each starter will have a Class Rating which is an estimate of what that starter will earn for an Speed Figure (Thoroughbred) or speed rating (Quarter Horse and Arabian) in today's race. The Class Rating is a predictive number based on the horses' previous Speed Figures and speed ratings with emphasis placed on recent races and races run at the same distance as today's race.

The Race Rating is displayed in the race header area, and is an estimate of what the winner of today's race will earn for an Equibase Speed Figure (Thoroughbred) or speed rating (Quarter Horse and Arabian) and assumes that the winner will perform a "best effort".

Pace Figures
The Equibase Pace Figures are basically the horse's "speed figure" at the first call of the race and is available for all Thoroughbred and Arabian races. Based on the horse's actual time and other conditions, such as track condition, these figures allow you to compare a horse's performance at the early point of the race.

A QR code is a barcode that is readable by your smart phone if it has the correct reader application installed.

This code will let you use your phone to quickly access instant data on A QR code is on every PP in the header area for each race in a printed program. Prior to the race, simply scan the QR code to see that race's latest scratches and changes. After the race, scan again and get access to the chart and replay right on your phone!